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Chào mừng đến với Trung Tâm Hỗ Trợ KeyShot



How to Use KeyShot Real-time Region Rendering
See how to speed up the rendering process by using the Real-time Region render feature in KeyShot.

How to Render Liquid In Glass with KeyShot
Learn the specifics for rendering liquid inside a glass container with a breakdown on model setup and render settings.

The Difference Between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures
Learn the difference between KeyShot Roughness and Bump Textures and how to control roughness through a texture.

How to Create Transparent Enamel Materials
A short guide about how to achieve a transparent enamel finish using one material in KeyShot.


Quick Tips
Bite-size video tips to grow your knowledge about KeyShot quickly and help smooth out your workflow.

Short video tutorials that cover the basics of KeyShot, from rendering to animation, settings and more.

Our monthly webinars that take a deep-dive into mastering features in KeyShot and learning how others do it.

Hướng dẫn sử dụng

KeyShot 6 Manual
The online manual for the latest version of KeyShot with quick overviews of UI and features.

Network Rendering Manual
Online manual for the KeyShot Network Rendering add-on with details about installation, setup and more.

Pro-floating Installation
Online manual for KeyShot Pro Floating installation for Windows and Mac.

PDF Manuals: English | German

Popular FAQs

Có gì mới trong KeyShot
ll new features can be seen on the Xem

Does KeyShot take advantage of the CPU and GPU?
KeyShot is a fully optimized CPU-based render engine.

Can I embed a KeyShotVR a PowerPoint?
Please see this guide to walk you through the steps.

Popular Downloads

KeyShot Cloud
Materials, Environments and more shared by users.

KeyShot Hotkey Cheat Sheet
Small sheet of KeyShot hotkeys for both Windows and PC.

KeyShot Benchmark
Comparison of different KeyShot versions on various systems and scenes.

KeyShot Comparison
Comparison chart of the different KeyShot editions.

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